The modularity in the smart system of Moscase is achieved through the usage of many interchangeable Backplates. The modular backs that smoothly attach into and detach from the frame open up virtually unlimited possibilities to the users.

With the endless variety of Backplates, users can customize their phones adding different backs corresponding their momentary need and fancy, and easily changing them on the fly at their leisure.

The various Backplates may expand the health-tracking aspect of the Moscase system and include further medical sensors, or perfecting the Moscase experience with leisure-related accessories.


The Booster is the basic backplate of the modular smart case system of Moscase. It is included in the frame product package as the “default” backplate, making it available to anyone purchasing the Moscase frame.


It features an extra 1950 mAh battery that is used in addition to the smartphones own battery. Giving extra energy to your phone could be crucial in many situations.

The design-oriented approach of Moscase resulted in a sleek and elegant Booster backplate that lacks the bulkiness and weight that is typical in similar products of our competitors.


The Rocker is one prime example leisure-feature backplate from the Moscase catalog.

Rocker v3 concept

It adds a pair of powerful speakers that enables the user to carry high quality sound around that rivals the sound of full range Hi-Fi systems without Bluetooth or cable link.


The Breathalyzer Backplate sports a breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) sensor that helps determining the level of one’s alcohol intoxication. The sensor would come handy to help making the responsible decisions for ourselves and help persuading others to do the same for themselves.


The Moscase App, based on your location, automatically shows upon using the sensor the applicable limits in accordance with the local regulations pertaining to drunk driving.