The smooth and accessible Moscase App is the software that makes the flawless communication and connection between the smartphone and the Moscase system, and within the Moscase system between the frame and the various backplates, possible.

The Moscase App provides a tightly integrated app-experience. It stores and analyzes your data to better evaluate the results, sends health and fitness tips and it is customizable to the extreme to suit your needs and goals as effectively as you wish. Should the results be unfavorable or show negative tendency, the Moscase App will notify you to receive a medical check-up soon. You can follow and monitor your development in working out, lowering your average stress level or just living healthier.

The App is capable of transporting existing data from Apple’s HealthKit and a great number of other popular wellbeing applications, whilst it is compatible with other health-tracking wearable accessories and could integrate the results tracked by said accessories, creating a most convenient unified platform for your health-monitoring.