Short story


During recent years, an unprecedented upsurge of demand for health monitoring and wellbeing accessories has been witnessed. It has become standard routine to look after ourselves, pay more attention to our bodily integrity and health, and fitness has become a part of our everyday lives.

Most fitness-related products are separate accessories worn at different parts of the body and communicating with and transmitting data to the phone via different means. However, style and practicalities often take precedence over fitness and wellbeing. Although the majority of wellbeing appliances are undoubtedly useful, wearing them all the time and finding the proper attire they would well fit in with is quite a challenge – practical aspects of life do not always permit wearing them. At the end of the day, such appliances are just yet another gadget that people tend to leave at home, even at the risk of not using them regularly, or at all, any more.



However, smartphones are undoubtedly with us all the time. And so are our smartphone cases. Moscase, with its tightly integrated health-tracking system, intuitively and seamlessly monitors our health and wellbeing without any need of using separate instruments, accessories or devices. Moscase helps you stay fit and healthy by only being on your phone. Remember: “Moscase is there for you!”


The visual design is a pleasure to the eye; an elegant piece of designer mastery. The high-tech micro-sensors are firmly embedded on the sides of the sleek frame without disrupting the appearance of the device. The casing is made of highly durable topnotch material.